Investigadores do CIPD publicam em Revistas com Peer-Review

09/11/2018 10:11

Investigadores do CIPD publicam em Revistas com Peer-Review

Foram recentemente aceites para publicação, em revistas estrangeiras com peer-review, os seguintes trabalhos dos investigadores do CIPD: 

Coelho, V.A. & Sousa, V. (2018). A Multilevel Analysis of the Relation Between Bullying Roles and Social and Emotional Competencies. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance online publication

Coelho, V. & Sousa, V. (2018). Differential Effectiveness of a Middle School Social and Emotional Learning Program: Does Setting Matter? Journal of Youth and Adolescence

Moreira, P.A.S., Cunha, D. & Inman, R. (2018). Achievement Emotions Questionnaire-Mathematics (AEQ-M) in Adolescents: Factorial structure, measurement invariance and convergent validity with personality. European Journal of Developmental Psychology

Rescorla, L.A, Blumenfeld, M. C., Ivanova, M.Y., Achenbach, T.M., & International ASEBA Consortium (2018). International Comparisons of the Dysregulation Profile Based on Reports by Parents, Adolescents, and Teachers. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology

Moreira, P.A.S., Moreira, F.; Cunha, D., & Inman, R. (2018). The Academic Performance Stages of Change Inventory (APSCI): An application of the Transtheoretical Model to academic performance. International Journal of School and Educational Psychology. Advance in

Moreira, P.A.S., Dias, A.; Matias, C., Castro, J., Gaspar, T., & Oliveira, J. (2018). School effects on students’ engagement with school: academic performance moderates the effect of school support for learning on students’ engagement. Learning and Individual Differences, 67, 67-77.

Ivanova, M., Achenbach, T., Rescorla, L., Guo, J., Althoff, R., Kan, K., Almqvist, F., Begovac, I., Broberg, A. Chahed, M., Rocha, M. Dobrean, A., Doepfner, Ma., Erol, N., Fombonne, E., Fonseca, A.,  Forns, M. Frigerio, A. Grietens, H., Hewitt-Ramirez, N. Juarez,F., Kajokiene, I., Kanbayashi, Y., Kim, Y., Larsson, B., Leung, ., Liu, X., Maggiolini, A.,  Minaei, A., Moreira, P., Oh, K., Petot, D., Pisa, C., Pomalima, R., Roussos, A., Rudan,V., Sawyer, M., Shahini, M., Silvares, E., Simsek, Z., Steinhausen, H., Szirovicza, L., Valverde, J., Viola, L., Weintraub, S., Winkler Metzke, C., Wolanczyk, T., Woo, B., Zhang, E., Zilber, N., Zukauskiene,  & Verhulst, F.  (2018). Testing Syndromes of Psychopathology in Parent and Youth Ratings Across Societies. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology.

Moreira, P.A.S. & Dias, M.A. (2018). Tests of factorial structure and measurement invariance for the Student Engagement Instrument: Evidence from middle and high school students. International Journal of School and Educational Psychology. In press.