Cursos / 3º Ciclo / Faculty of Law :: Law

Versao Portuguesa


1º curricular year
Semestralidade: 1st semester
ECTS: 10


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutor José Domingues
Assistant Professor: Prof. Doutor José Domingues

Class type and School hours

Main Aims/Objectives

Broadly supporting the PhD student in the pursuit and application of the most suitable research methodology and techniques to complete the PhD.
Placing methodology at the service of scientific research.

Specific Aims/Objectives

Understanding and assimilating the concept of methodology and methodological approaches in order to carry out research of excellence. Placing methodology at the service of scientific research. Determining research findings into problem-generating, clear, coehrent and conclusive findings, able to support a dissertation.

Skills to be acquired

Beginning, developing and complete a scientific research work of excellence for a PhD Degree.

Teaching Procedures

Debating theoretical issues chosen by students.


1- Methodology in Law
2- Research In Law
3- Research Methodology and Techniques. Internal Relation.
4- Quality Research, requirements.
5- Legal Reason. Changing Research into Results.
6- Exposition. Requirements. Correspondence to developed Research.

Evaluation Type

Attendance; Compliance with the outlined tasks; fulfilment of research in writing; debate on the research findings.

Teaching Resources

Methods aim insights into the chosen topics according to their use for the PhD Student and supervision of the scientific research process of excellence required for a third cycle.


Methodology in Law, Research.

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