Cursos / 1º Ciclo / Faculty of Architecture and Arts :: Architecture ( Integrated Master)

Versao Portuguesa


4º curricular year
Semestralidade: 2nd semester


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutor António Oliveira
Assistant Professor: Prof. Doutor António Oliveira

Class type and School hours

Teórico-prática : 2 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

Continuing Course of Urbanism, the objective is to deepens the understanding of the city processes, building and urban space, its analysis and interpretation of the various scales. Motivate the students to understand the urban space and its planning processes.

Specific Aims/Objectives

Deepen the concepts of urbanism and city drawing, understanding of the organization process and intervention in urban space, as architectonic act of building the city. Methodology of intervention in the territory of city building urban "subject".

Skills to be acquired

- Ability to recognize and analyze the complexity of the issues of territory and city.
- Recognition of the urban space and the methods and forms of intervention.

Teaching Procedures

Analysis of territorial structures and city
Study visits.
Conducting research.


The construction of the City: its drawing and composition. The scale of intervention in urban space
Structure and Morphology of the city and / or installments.
Introduction to Models city from paradigmatic examples.

Evaluation Type

Understanding of the objectives set in the course.
Understanding of the skills to be acquired and matters contents

Teaching Resources

Will be prepared by students research and information that will serve as support for the analysis of the subjects covered.
Projection images of various programatic contents.
Study visits


Urban structure

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