Cursos / 1º Ciclo / Faculty of Architecture and Arts :: Architecture ( Integrated Master)

Versao Portuguesa


3º curricular year
Semestralidade: 1st semester


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutora Ana Paula Nápoles
Assistant Professor: Prof. Doutora Ana Paula Nápoles

Class type and School hours

Teórico-prática : 2 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

Give the students the Physical Geography knowledge, indispensable for his intervention in the physical territory, as well as in the planning level or in the territory ordering.
Reflect upon the new patterns of human development (in the physical space) and the necessary responsibilities of the architecture and urbanism, promoting an undoubtful understanding of the physical characterization of the place, through multiple elements of characterization.

Specific Aims/Objectives

Accustom the students with the conditionalisms and potentialities of terrestrial morphology and climate, indispensable to the study of human occupation through the handling of working elements available in Physical Geography.
Reflect upon the urban climate system, as well as upon the various levels of climate resolution.
Use instruments and methods for a sustainable architecture and urbanism.

Skills to be acquired

Student is demanded to know and work various concepts in the Physical Geography domain, whose application in the architecture and urbanism can be effective.
The link between Physical Geography and Architecture and urbanism is valued through the application and reflection in the main incidence on climate.

Teaching Procedures

The theorical-practical classes follow a communicative approach, that leads to reflection, discussion and schematic synthesis elaboration, starting from the presentation of examples (texts, images, cartography), linking Physical Geography to Architecture and Urbanism.


1.0. The cosmography and cartography.
1.1. Notions of cosmography - the globe.
1.2. Absolute location and relative location.
1.3. Reading geographical coordinates. Exercises.
1.4. The cartography and topography.
1.5. Cartographic representation - Types of maps.
1.6. Types of scales. Exercises.

Chapter 2
2.0. The environmental approach in geography.
2.1. The Climatology and its fundamental concepts. The paleoclimatology.
2.2. The climatic factors: solar radiation and temperature, precipitation, humidity, evaporation, atmospheric pressure and winds, cloudiness.
2.3. Koppen climate classification.
2.4. The weather in Portugal according to Hermann Lautensach and Orlando Ribeiro.
2.5. Rhythms and thermal contrasts.
2.6. The urban climate
2.7. Concept of thermal comfort and air quality.
2.8. The importance of studying climate in Architecture and Urbanism.

Chapter 3
3.0. Scales of climate analysis.
3.1. Urban design principles applied to climatology.
3.2. Bioclimatic analysis.
3.3. Bioclimatic analysis: case study of Porto.

Chapter 4
4.0. Risk Theory and manifestation of natural hazards.
4.1. Risk management and crisis: volcanic and seismic risk, risk of flooding and forest fire risk.
4.2. Environmental risks.
4.3. Geomorphological risks.
4.4. Risks (in) coastlines.

Evaluation Type

The evaluation will be as settled in the Regulamento Geral de Avaliação of the University. It will be used the ongoing, periodical and individual evaluation.
The final evaluation includes assiduity, punctuality and two tests.

Teaching Resources

For the presentation / discussion of the programmatic contents, it will be used: available informatics means, namely the use of PowerPoint program me, multiple bibliography, cartography, photography and texts for reflection. Throughout the classes, all bibliographic sources will be indicated.


Urban design
Environmental risk

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Complementary Bibliography

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