Cursos / 1º Ciclo / Faculty of Architecture and Arts :: Architecture ( Integrated Master)

Versao Portuguesa


3º curricular year
Semestralidade: 2nd semester
ECTS: 3,5


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutor Jorge Amaral

Class type and School hours

Teórico-prática : 4 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

The objective of the discipline of Constructive Systems is to deepen the study and understanding of the mutual and reciprocal implications between the architectural form and the constructive systems that structure and sustain it. In this discipline special relevance is given to current systems (with which students will have more contact in professional practice), not neglecting the investigation of systems considered more experimental.

Specific Aims/Objectives

To research, develop and represent all the building components necessary for the correct functioning of the building, coherently integrating structural and constructive metrics resulting from the systems and solutions adopted.
In this context, the study of the constructive node [from the covering to the foundations, through the intermediate floors] acquires particular importance, by the direct implication in the architectural design of the building.

Skills to be acquired

- Understanding and representation, both by two-dimensional and three-dimensional means, of the nexus of coherence between architectural form and the various constructive systems that materialize it.
- Domain of the detailing of the building of dwelling, in particular of the representation of the constructive cut and the constructive detail.

Teaching Procedures

The works are developed through the articulation of theoretical / practical moments. In the theoretical / practical classes will be presented the exercises to be done, introduced the subjects and information necessary to advance the work, as well as periodically made presentations and discussion of results. In the classes will be implemented and executed exercises proposed, presented, analyzed, criticized and discussed, in group or individually, the progress of the work.


Based on work, the project developed in the Curricular Unit of Project I [which may be carried out from another project subject that the student is attending], should proceed to the study of the construction system and its detailing in integrated graphic scales, in the respective phases of the semester work.

Evaluation Type

By the very character of the discipline, the evaluation will be continuous and permanent. In this sense, attention will be taken to attendance, participation in classes, regularity and continuity of work, the response to problems and challenges. There will also be continuous evaluation of two written tests and delivery of papers, according to the school calendar. The fundamental moments of evaluation will be fulfilled: the Frequency Test and the Final Exam.

Teaching Resources

In order to achieve the required objectives and competences, the following teaching resources will be used:
- Computers;
- Specialized bibliography and available in the media library and library of the University Lusíada;
- Indication of key texts for the learning and preparation of the research work;
- Multimedia material (documentaries, images, etc.).


Research, Constructive Cutting, Detail, Detail, Execution.

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