Cursos / 1º Ciclo / Faculty of Architecture and Arts :: Architecture ( Integrated Master)

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2º curricular year
Semestralidade: 2nd semester


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutora Carla Carvalho
Assistant Professor: Prof. Doutora Carla Carvalho

Class type and School hours

Teórico-prática : 2 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

Introduce the concept BIM - Building Information Model - and provide students with skills for creating architectural models, which allow simulate reality in virtual space, always with a view to optimize the design process.

Specific Aims/Objectives

Foster the use of the software SketchUp, for being pratical software for architects, in full 3D environment. Furthering research and analysis capabilities that enable the development and organization of a virtual project.

Skills to be acquired

Recognize and properly handle the interface, SketchUp,.
Allow the flow integrate project the use of computerized tools so as to obtain, from the first moment, testing and verification of several hypotheses.
Achieving absolute rigor of the computer, coupled with effective visualization of immediate solutions, enabling rapid exploration of multiple solutions.

Teaching Procedures

In practical classes are exhibited and demonstrated some of the features and software methodologies. To perform some exercises with a more restricted, for better understanding and learning, but students are asked to perform an exercise more comprehensive, more complete application for the matter throughout the semester.


Course Detail / Program Content

1. SketchUp,.
a. The work environment;
b. The programming and structuring of work.
2. Instruments tool
a. Organization of work. Desired objectives;
b. Techniques of 3D Modeling construction elements;
c. Association of building elements;
d. Properties associated with the construction elements;
and. Objects and parametric Modeling languages;
f. Information associated with the construction elements.
3. Rendering techniques
a. Types and functions of photo realistic simulation tools;
b. Creating virtual environments and terrain modeling.
3.1. Rendering and lighting techniques. Image file formats.
4. Extracting the information required for the production of drawn elements
a. Production of plant layouts, elevations and sections;
b. Layouts with inclusion of photo realistic images and three-dimensional cuts;
c. Extraction of detail and constructive change in the scale factor;
d. Information transfer and file the final model.

Evaluation Type

The evaluation of the student depends on an attendance greater than or equal to 70%. The classification is obtained by the notes of the two tests carried out continuous assessment throughout the semester with a weighting of 40%, and the proof of frequency, with a weighting of 60%.

Teaching Resources

ArchiCAD platform.
Illustration and explanation of the substance and the exercises considered through the use of the video projector.
Learning in system “hands on”.


3D Modelling
Virtual Reality

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