Cursos / 1º Ciclo / Faculty of Architecture and Arts :: Architecture ( Integrated Master)

Versao Portuguesa


2º curricular year
Semestralidade: annual
ECTS: 30


Leading Teacher: Prof. Doutor Ricardo Melo
Assistant Professor: Prof. Doutor Ricardo Melo

Class type and School hours

Teórica : 2 Horas
Teórico-prática : 10 Horas

Main Aims/Objectives

Develop and consolidate instrumental and conceptual skills for the design and research of architectural and urban units that constitute the disciplinary heritage. Develop different types of household dwelling, exploring the internal and external relations, responsibility and conceptual, formal and environmental permeability, depending on the program and context. Empower critically and creatively for the reasoning of design options.

Specific Aims/Objectives

1- Design for the city (and not to the object), while dominating topography and context; 2- Know modular systems; 3 Structuring access and distribution consistently nad explore public / private, indoor / outdoor, social / intimate transitions; 4 Interpret program creatively and master its application; 5- Correctly transmit the proposal, graphic and three-dimensionally, writing and orally; 6 Set compositional criteria hierarchy, scale and proportion; methodology.

Skills to be acquired

Conceptual understanding of the architectural proposal; - Ranking several variables that inform the subject domain and construct a synthesis; - Domain disciplinary vocabulary; - Construction of architectural references; - Productive research capacity; - Control of two- and three-dimensional representation tools; - Understanding urban integration and transformation processes; - Sizing accuracy; - Control scale and proportion;

Teaching Procedures

By crossing theoretical and practical classes it is intended to explore the domestic program in different types, realities and possibilities. The practical work will be complemented by theoretical work. The proposed architectural exercises intend to work in consolidated urban areas, with different scales and context relations.


The theme proposed for the discipline of Architecture II is the multifamily housing and is divided into two complementary exercises. It explores different types and possibilities that thr domestic program, always open and up to date provides.
It is intended to provide a broad view of the subject, framing it in its history and founder sense of the architectural practice.
The domestic program has a particularity: being witness every moment also integrates brands of timelessness. Its physical expression always takes new garments which face different requirements - technology, socialization, and solve tímeless problems – to shelter, store and release.
Students will be guided for experimentation and synthesis of many surrounding areas to architecture in general and housing in particularly, in order to establish a coherent formal and spatial journey from private space to public space and vice versa, knowing the timeless concerns and social responsibility of domestic and urban architecture.
In this sense it is proposed an increasing complexity of exercises that explore the different possibilities of domestic live in multifamily and urban context. The fundamental questions of living space design will be addressed by proposing a visit to topics such as: safety and comfort; house and city; context and integration; flexibility and durability; ´Genius Loci´ and ´Zeitgeist´; exposure and clausura; multi and single family; individual and group.
The exercises aim to control: the urban context, order and rhythm, structure and material; form and proportion, experiencing modulation solutions and aggregation.
If the domestic program is the basis for understanding the relationships between served spaces and servers, the hierarchy, organization and control of flows - circuits and circulations, which give life to housing, but also to the urban life, the city is increasingly the support for new concepts of ´live´ that goes beyond the domestic sphere.
The first exercise will last one week with a production of a ‘esboceto’ about a minimum accommodation in the context of pre-existing structure.
The second exercise will last the first semestre will be held in consolidated urban context and aims to give the student the ability to manipulate the urban components exploring the connection between the new and the pre-existence by developing a multi-family housing program.
The third exercise takes over the second one into a new perspective of dimensional and programmatic changes, taking advantage of the empty outer and inner, private and comunal spaces.
In practical classes there will be individual assistance to work integrating, whenever it is possible more students in the discussion.
Lectures, will look up to the reference projects exhibition, showing the motivations, methods and tools used to build new habitable realities, considering the dynamic between theory and practice in an increasingly interdependent world. Other topics of the lectures will be: representation and graphical presentation.

Evaluation Type

The evaluation will take two moments within each semester, culminating in the planned frequencies for the school year. The interim evaluations will be done by: preliminary deliveries of different phases of the projects, theoretical work and oral presentations.

Teaching Resources

Exhibition of architectural examples of the history and theory. Execution of theoretical work. Compared critics to encourage problems solving and changing answers. Case study trips.


Context; Process; Composition; Dwell;

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